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Braun Ability

BraunAbility Dealer for Upstate New York

Since 1995, Gorman Enterprises has been an official dealership for Braun Ability, as well as an authorized service center. BraunAbility’s commercial and public-use wheelchair lifts add accessibility to a variety of vehicle types, including: Transit Buses, Motorcoaches, School Buses, Cutaway Buses, and Commercial Paratransit Vans. Let us help configure their innovative products on the vehicle you need and rest assured that Gorman Enterprises can help service those products and your fleet for your every need!

BraunAbility vehicles can be purchased from Gorman Enterprises through the NYS OGS Contract!

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Side-Entry Wheelchair Vans

A side-entry wheelchair van offers the most flexibility in seating positions and ample room to maneuver. BraunAbility side-entry minivans are set apart by the fit and finish that blends seamlessly with the original chassis. Choose from manual or power, infloor or foldout ramp – the choice is yours with a BraunAbility side-entry vehicle.

Rear-Entry Wheelchair Vans

BraunAbility rear-entry wheelchair vans are ideal for many families and are generally a more affordable option. Additional seating positions can be customized to fit the entire family. Choose from a BraunAbility rear-entry built on a Chrysler, Dodge, Honda or Toyota minivan chassis.

Rooted in innovation and cutting-edge technology

The story of BraunAbility begins with their founder, Ralph Braun. Diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and unable to walk by the age of 15, he became determined to find a better way to stay mobile over being pushed in a manual chair and carried in and out of vehicles.

He started by inventing the world’s first electric scooter, which he called the Tri-Wheeler. From there he designed the world’s first wheelchair lift and steering controls, allowing Ralph to drive himself independently for the first time in his life.

Ralph quickly discovered that others just like him were hungry for that same independence. With just a handful of employees and despite overwhelming odds, Ralph started his business, and a new industry emerged.

Over the past four decades, BraunAbility products have revolutionized what independence means to wheelchair users. Today BraunAbility has over 1,000 employees, all working to grow mobility across the world. Ralph Braun passed away in 2013, but his legacy is still the driving force behind the BraunAbility mission today.


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